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What can make you healthier, open doors, increase flexibility, make you more likable and relevant?

A riddle for you all…What can make you healthier, open doors, increase flexibility, make you more likable and relevant? Answer-Watch the video https://youtu.be/pZE_0bzvtnA to find out and please like and sub for more SPICE or Listen here https://anchor.fm/alexandria-rosa/episodes/What-can-make-you-healthier–open-doors–increase-flexibility–make-you-more-likable-and-relevant-e1fopdq Looking for …

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A SPICEY Recap of this week

This week I -was accepted into the NEA Comerica Entrepeneur Bootcamp and Certification Cohort 2 that starts 1/31 -appeared on The ADHD Melly Podcast and Livestream to talk about Thriving in school with ADHD. -Livestream recording with Mark K about …

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Get Your Daily Dose of SPICE- Day 2 SELF NURTURING Series

Today Alexandria talks about being proactive, also setting your boundaries, and how it’s not selfish to Self-nurture. She also touches on the basics that you can start within your Self Nurturing journey. Self-nurturing is important because it will help you …

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Get Your Daily Dose of SPICE- Self Nurturing Series

Take a breath, grab a cup of coffee and listen to this episode. You will be glad you did! This is the 1st episode of SPICE Self Nurturing series Hosted by Alexandria Rosa RN. Speaks about the feeling of burnout …

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The Super Power of A Self-Nurture Routine

Self-nurturing is always important in our lives, but it’s particularly significant during this ongoing pandemic. And one of the best ways to keep this priority in focus is to establish a self-nurture routine. This is an awesome practice to get started if you are in one of the caring professionals such as education, healthcare, or social work.  Self-nurturing is as much a way of being as it is something we do.

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“But I might not be able to stop”…the most dangerous drug: food.

If you have been giving in to the food pushers in your life up until now, it’s very likely that the first time you set a boundary, they will be shocked and they might not respond very well. Don’t give up. The more often you stick to your boundaries, the more they will know that no means no. You may choose to offer some kind of explanation, but you don’t owe it to them. Remember that YOU are the one who ultimately has to deal with the consequences of overeating, not them, so you are the one with the authority to make the decision about what you eat or don’t eat.

3 Ways I Broke Up with My Stress and Anxiety

By Alexandria Rosa RN As soon as you get up, do you feel anxious, overwhelmed, stressed out? Do you feel your heart racing? Is that your normal? Is that how you feel when you first get up? And I’m not …

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