A SPICEY Recap of this week

This week I

-was accepted into the NEA Comerica Entrepeneur Bootcamp and Certification Cohort 2 that starts 1/31

-appeared on The ADHD Melly Podcast and Livestream to talk about Thriving in school with ADHD.

-Livestream recording with Mark K about cancer patient care and mindset to be released later this week

-helped several friends learn more about Livestreaming. Also, about leveraging their Linkedin and updating their profiles to make connections and grow their new businesses.

-I learned how to monetize my Livestreams through sponsorships. I also reached out to fellow businesses owners and am on the way to securing some fabulous sponsors.

-Went Live every single day for the first time!!!

-celebrated my friend Mary Wells as a Kindness Incorporator

-put together a presentation for the VA called PPE in Nursing: How to FInd Peace, Passion, and Empowerment. I’m hoping the directors will accept it and allow me to present it to the nursing staff!!

-the first week of virtual clinical started for my students. We are using Kaplan I-human and our patient today had pneumonia.

-a podcast was released on the Nurse Speak- Nursing Strategies for success podcast that I recorded last week. I talked about how to unwind and decompress after a shift before you head home and about nurse entrepreneurship.

-it’s my 2 year anniversary of receiving my nurse educator certificate

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