Brain Body Balance

All of May you will learn healthy holistic tips and strategies through Brain Body Balance with the P of SPICE, focusing on your Physical health. Knowing isn’t enough though, you can google the answer to any health question…what you’ll find …

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New Podcast Episode- Get Your SPICE

Feel like you’re alone?? Afraid you’re going to come off as needy or a burden? Then it’s time to SPICE things up and I’m prescribing you today’s Daily Dose- stat!!! Join us every day at 10a EST/9a CST/7a PST/8a MT …

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Why TikTok time blocks and why you should too!

In this video, I explain a little about time blocking and how a huge company like TikTok uses it to be successful and get things done. You can check it out here https://youtu.be/t5Ac9DDkrZ8

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