Time Management

You need SPICE Time +Energy in your life.

Familia, all this week you’ll learn ways to make the space in your crazy busy life for your health. No more excuses, nope, not gonna happen with me. You need SPICE Time +Energy in your life. You’re feeling the stress, …

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cell phone and a red phone with a cord

This is the nurse calling about your son….

How do you deal with those unexpected events that seem to hijack your perfectly planned day?? Does it frustrate you, make you anxious, and then the whole day you feel upset, out of whack, and are trying to piece it …

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A SPICEY Recap of this week

This week I -was accepted into the NEA Comerica Entrepeneur Bootcamp and Certification Cohort 2 that starts 1/31 -appeared on The ADHD Melly Podcast and Livestream to talk about Thriving in school with ADHD. -Livestream recording with Mark K about …

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time blocking planning

Fighting to get stuff done? Try Time Blocking

As a busy healthcare professional and mom, you can feel like you are fighting a constant battle to get anything done. You are pulled in so many directions with your kids, work, school, partner etc… by now you should have …

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One of my top productivity tips: Timers

Timers are one of the ways I am able to stay so productive as a working mom in school, but, like all things there is a HOW and a WHEN to use this tool that make the difference. Watch the …

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