Fighting to get stuff done? Try Time Blocking

As a busy healthcare professional and mom, you can feel like you are fighting a constant battle to get anything done. You are pulled in so many directions with your kids, work, school, partner etc… by now you should have a handle on the whole I’m a mom who works, goes to school, and has her life sorta in control thing figured out right?

Not really…

There are times when you just really need to get that one thing done, but everyone and everything else is vying for your attention. So you feel frustrated and irritated and end up taking it out on your family or coworkers, yelling, screaming, wondering why no one understands that you have shit to get done too!

Imagine what would it be like to no longer feel like everyone is interfering with what you need to get done, to effortlessly weave your schedule around your family’s needs and yours, to get all the things done that are important to YOU??

Block scheduling allows you to assign tasks to a specific time. This helps you to make sure you are getting everything done in your day that you need to. It also eliminates time wasted wondering what do I need to do now?? If you are someone who is easily overwhelmed, or if you desire more focused time with your kids and want to smash your to-do list then time blocking is for you. It makes planning your day and your week simpler and less stressful.

Luckily, I fell upon time-blocking/block scheduling, and it has changed my life – seriously. I not only get more done for myself and my family, but I also spend more time being present with my kids and partner.

There IS a better way and I’d like to be the one to show you how it can happen!!

If you’d like to learn more about how this can become your secret weapon schedule a time to chat here

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