90 Day Metabolic Makeover

You’re out there living your best life – and then it happens.

Your body changes

  • You start noticing extra weight. Your clothes fit differently. You’re tiring out quicker than usual. You notice that double chin that you swear wasn’t there last week.
  • You used to check yourself out in the mirror. Now you can’t stand to walk by one.
  • You once loved every outfit you had. Now you tug at your clothes and wear oversized cardigans to hide yourself.
  • You’re not too happy to see photos of yourself or you don’t apply for that job because you wonder- will they take me seriously looking the way I look? Can I even keep up?
  • You love life and love living it to the fullest but you can’t seem to lose the weight or get your energy up. What you’ve done before is no longer working.
  • I get it. I feel you. As a woman over 35 myself, I know what it’s like.
  • If you’ve tried all the lotions and potions and are ready for something that actually works, let’s talk.
Dr. Alexandria Rosa

In this intensive 90-day intermittent fasting program we will focus on naturally upping your insulin sensitivity, balancing your hormones, and melting belly fat.

The program is tailored to your individual needs and goals, so you will receive what YOU need to succeed- a holistic approach.

Meet Dr. Alexandria Rosa

As a practitioner, professor, wife, mother, and Latina I understand how hard it can be. I was stressed out, physically unwell, overwhelmed, and tired of living, thinking, and being all the stereotypes and limitations that my Latin culture, religious upbringing, and chosen vocation had placed in my brain. So I broke free and unleashed a whole other woman in me- and I want to show YOU how to do the same.

Don’t take my word for it, check out these client results!

Who is this exclusive program for?

  • Are you currently experiencing high blood pressure, high cholesterol, high triglycerides, insulin resistance related to diabetes or pre-diabetes, polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), hormone imbalance, or chronic inflammation and skin conditions?
  • Do you have stubborn symptoms like weight gain, inability to lose weight,  fatigue, anxiety, and mood imbalance?
  • Pre or post-menopausal?
  • Have you been told you have metabolic syndrome?

If you have any of these conditions, you may feel confused or frustrated by the education you’ve received about them. Or, as a woman, maybe you’ve been told you have to suffer through it. You’re doing all the things you “should” be doing but not quite getting the results you want.

You may also find that the diet and lifestyle recommendations you’ve come across by most healthcare professionals are unrealistic for your busy life, unappealing to your palate, don’t include foods from your culture, haven’t worked, and leave you feeling deprived, hopeless, isolated, or overwhelmed.

Now is the time to take your health seriously.

This program is for you.

Watch!! Opal lowered her BP and dropped 2 sizes!!

90 Day Metabolic Makeover

  • Step 1- Let’s get to the root of why you’re not feeling your best
  • Step 2- We’ll create customized solutions unique to your body (so you can get results that last).
  • Step 3- Lose the weight, feel healthy, and love having a body that keeps up with your life.
  • Flexible, accommodating, and respectful of your busy schedule and lifestyle. Receive 2 telehealth sessions per month and unlimited support and access to me in between. Weekend and evening hours are available.
  • Enjoy a holistic approach to wellness, fitness, nutrition, and well-being with dedicated support using my signature SPICE method and your private app
  • Lose the weight, feel healthy, and love having a body that keeps up with your life.
  • With Dr. Rosa, you’re not just a number. I don’t do 15-minute appointments, and I don’t crank through patients like a medical mill. I take the time to listen to each client.
  • No appointment is rushed. Every plan is personalized to you and your body.
  • Your results are impressive and lasting.

And so much more!

Ask about:

The Health key

  •  90 days to unlock your personalized path to optimal well-being and performance
  • Investment- $10, 000 USD
  • This program will be your customized roadmap to achieving your health and wellness goals.  Over 90 days, we’ll work together to unlock your body’s full potential and create lasting results.
  • Perfect for those who are ready to commit to an elevated whole-person wellness experience, solidify new routines and habits, reverse chronic diseases, balance hormones, and desire a true partner in their healthcare. The ultimate in concierge healthcare, support, accountability, and transformation.
  • Discover the true story your body and hormones are telling through curated wellness testing and have access to all-inclusive health services from an expert such as bloodwork, supplementation, IV hydration, monitoring, unlimited telehealth sessions, fitness, nutrition, and more- shipped discreetly to your home.
  • *Please inquire for details. Space is limited.
Telehealth sessions for your convenience. Upgrade your package to include an in-person house call and wellness experience- inquire for details.
  • Dr. Rosa does not accept private insurance
  • 90 day Metabolic Makeover program is $2, 555
  • Group/Corporate program pricing and structure—please inquire
  • All major credit cards and wires accepted
  • All programs qualify for payment through Flexible Spending or Health Savings Accounts (FSA/HSA)
  • Credit-based financing is available
  • In-house financing available
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