Have a body that keeps up with your lifestyle.

For men and women who live life on the edge and want their body to match

I help high performing professionals reverse prediabetes/Type 2 diabetes & biohack their way to optimal blood sugar control so they can reclaim their best possible health.

Do you crave more than just average? Are you a professional, athlete, or high-performing individual who refuses to settle for mediocrity?

Welcome to your gateway to peak performance.

I understand your dedication. You push your limits in the gym, on the field, and in the boardroom. But are you optimizing your health to truly unlock your body’s full potential?

This is where biohacking meets peak performance.

I specialize in helping high performers like you leverage cutting-edge strategies and data-driven insights to biohack your health and performance. We’re not about fad diets or quick fixes.

We’re about sustainable optimization that empowers you to:

  • Sustain unwavering energy: Conquer your workouts and daily activities with lasting stamina.
  • Sharpen your mental edge: Enhance your focus, clarity, and cognitive function.
  • Recover faster: Optimize your body’s natural healing processes for peak performance.
  • Live a life of vitality: Invest in your well-being for a lifetime of health and achievement.

Are you ready to take your health and performance to the next level?

I’m Dr. Alexandria Rosa.

As a high-performing practitioner, professional, and mom of 3, I know firsthand the relentless pursuit of excellence.

I used to struggle with chronic health conditions, stress, anxiety, depression, and career burnout – a common story for many driven individuals. But through biohacking and taking a more functional and holistic approach to my health, I unlocked a whole new level of energy, focus, and well-being.

Now, I’m passionate about helping ambitious individuals like you – men and women alike – achieve the same transformation.

Ready to ditch the limitations and biohack your way to a thriving life?

Explore client testimonials and learn about my SPICE framework for holistic health and my signature program the Metabolic Kickstart- discover how I can help you unleash the high-performing individual you were meant to be.

What is SPICE?

Does this feel familiar?

  • You’ve conquered goals, pushed boundaries, and optimized every aspect of your life. But what about your body? Does it feel like a mystery you haven’t quite solved?
  • crave more than just “healthy.” You want to radiate vitality, feel a surge of boundless energy, and unleash a level of joy that fuels your relentless pursuit of excellence. But a nagging suspicion whispers – something’s holding you back.
  • Doctor visits are a chore, filled with generic advice that doesn’t resonate. You’ve tried countless methods, but that elusive peak performance remains frustratingly out of reach.
  • Deep down, you know there’s a missing piece. Maybe it’s a hidden imbalance, a lingering inefficiency, or a whisper your body keeps sending that you can’t quite decipher.
  • It’s time to break the code. Biohacking isn’t just about optimization; it’s about unlocking the full potential encoded within you.

I get it.  And you are in the right place.  First, breathe.  Quiet your mind for a moment.  Hear the silence.  Breathe again.  Better?  Ok, read on.

None of us is one-dimensional. 

We all encompass the following:

  • Spirituality: our search for purpose and meaning
  • Physical: how vital, energetic, and strong we are
  • Insight: how we learn and grow, our self awareness and intuition
  • Career: how we create a professional life that reflects our calling and brings satisfaction
  • Emotion: how we feel inside and how broadly we can express, experience and accept

I bet by now you have figured out where the name “SPICE” has come from?

SPICE was created with you in mind. 

Why?  Because I have been there.  You need the support, tools, expert guidance and processes that will help you accomplish what you want, all while understanding how your upbringing, culture, and lifestyle impact your preferences, health, and decision making. (You can find out more about my story on the About page. )

SPICE is focused on getting you results—because while theories are wonderful, results are so much better.  Results that heal and nourish you from the inside out. Results that last a lifetime. I’m not what most people imagine as a traditional doctor, and I don’t practice healthcare in a traditional way. And that’s exactly what healthcare needs right now.

Your health is your greatest asset. My concierge medicine practice is unlike any other. I leverage functional medicine, holistic wellness, and cutting-edge therapies to create a bespoke roadmap to peak performance.

Experience our elevated workshops, programs, and events, designed to educate, inspire, and transform you into a high-functioning, high-performing individual. (On-Site, Remote, or Hybrid. Individual or Group)

This is healthcare for those who refuse to settle for average.

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Dr. Alex Rosa

Ignite Your Metabolism: Take the FREE Master Class

This online class is perfect for you if…

  • You are a woman 35 and up experiencing changes in your body—what worked before is no longer working. You don’t like what is happening to your body but you’re not sure what to do next.
  • You want to defy the odds and break the cycle of generational chronic diseases like high blood pressure and diabetes; you are sick of pills, shots, and being dismissed by traditional healthcare.
  • You value your health, you see it as the ultimate investment and asset.
  • You desire the stamina to stay focused and fueled all day long naturally and holistically.
  • You’ve tried intermittent fasting before and want to get back into using it as a tool on a routine basis or have heard of it and are curious to learn more.

Here’s the rundown:

Part 1: What is the problem really?? I explain insulin sensitivity and metabolic syndrome (high blood pressure, Diabetes type 2, high cholesterol, PCOS, chronic fatigue syndrome, mood changes, chronic inflammation and skin conditions, pre/post menopause, and hormones)

Part 2: Stress, hormones, and adrenal glands. Learn how to support your body naturally. Benefits of IV Hydration therapy and micronutrient testing.

Part 3: Intermittent fasting basics and benefits The key to burning fuel faster and turning back the clock.

Bonus Video: The what, how, and when of intermittent fasting. Learn the #1 secret I teach ALL my paying clients that gets them incredible results the very first time they do it!!!

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What clients are saying…

So many WINS!!!
So many WINS!!!
Check out these results
Check out these results
Strength and Confidence
Dr. Rosa has given me a completely new outlook on my life and myself. Over the past year she has helped me find the strength and confidence to overcome challenges that I was facing within myself, and grow to become the person I am today.
Sierra- RN
Sue lost over 100 lbs!!
Sue lost over 100 lbs!!
I lost 23 lbs!
I can say that this is the most consistent I have ever been in terms of healthy eating, exercising, and getting myself together. I have lost a total of 23 pounds and continue to challenge myself to stick to my plan of healthy living.
Elizabeth Miller BSN, RN
Down 13lbs!
Currently, I am down 13 pounds and a total of 7 inches total. This program has provided me with more personalized individualized attention than any other weight loss program I have tried in the past. I have tried many programs!
Kristal FletcherSpecial Education TeacherOhio
I'm a TOTALLY different person
Working one-on-one with Dr. Rosa is amazing! I was not in a great space mentally or physically before working with her and after 3 months I’m like a TOTALLY different person.
Alicia Washington Founder Starting from Scratch
Check out these results
Check out these results
Dr. Rosa has been the exact solution that I needed
I achieved: 1. Clarity on my view of my mental blocks when it came to food, 2. A simplified strategy that made the process easy, and 3. Results! I gained the energy that I sought, lost weight, and released so much of the pressure that I had put upon myself. I am happy to say that working with Dr. Rosa has been the exact solution that I needed. Sign up and get started right away!
Amy N-W. DickersonCertified Coach Practitioner Blue-to-Green Coaching: For Career and Life
Listen to how Opal Germaine lowered her BP and dropped 2 sizes
Watch! Opal Germaine lowered her BP and dropped 2 sizes
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