Meet Dr. Alexandria Rosa

My career started with me being a college dropout. Yup. A college dropout. I made it maybe 2 semesters and decided I was in no way ready to be on my own. I moved back home, took a few odd jobs, and finally enrolled at the local community college to become a certified nurse aide- and the rest is history. I’ve spent over 2 decades in healthcare teaching and practicing.

Now, here’s the back story:

During those two decades, I also had three children, maintained a healthy, supportive marriage with my high school sweetheart, and served as my dad’s primary caregiver before he died.

Dr. Alexandria Rosa
Boutique Telemedicine, Intermittent Fasting, Metabolic Health

I personally overcame being raised in a family where EVERYONE was type 2 diabetic, obese, and mismanaging multiple serious health issues. Cancer, stroke, heart attack, amputations, hospital visits, rehab, needles…those were my childhood experiences.

My own father passed away suddenly in his early 50’s from heart disease and a stroke- it left him brain dead, on life support. I was in my early 20’s with 2 small children, in school fulltime, barely knowing what to do with my life and now I had to make the decision to end my father’s life- to take him off life support. I knew his wishes though, he didn’t want to be kept alive by a machine…so we pulled the plug.

I wish I could tell you that is where I made the decision to get healthy myself…I was 70 lbs overweight, high blood pressure, anxious, panic attacks, depressed, on multiple meds, knees hurting, autoimmune issues, lumps and bumps on my thyroid, Bell’s Palsy, breast cancer scare with a lumpectomy…I mean…that’s pretty bad for going into your 30’s.

It wasn’t until my last child at the age of 35 when I got the wake-up call. I went into heart failure, and the cardiologist told me point blank that I’d DIE if I ever got pregnant again…no more babies…I was devastated.

What had I allowed to happen to me??

I was literally KILLING MYSELF with food, with my lifestyle, my thoughts…everything I was doing had led me to this moment.

So I decided right then and there.

I took back control. I took ownership.

I worked on my mindset, my knowledge, my body, my relationships, my career…I did an overhaul.

And I’m proud to say I defied the odds. I broke the cycle…and you can too!!

This is what I teach to my clients. This is what I practice. This is what I was put on this earth to do.

I know how to get the results I am looking for. I’m healthy and strong- able to fully enjoy my life, my family, and my clients for years to come.

Dr. Alex sitting in a green chair with a yellow dress, black high heels, red lipstick, dark hair, furry white carpet, smiling.
Dr. Alexandria Rosa

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