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I’m attending The Experience Live with Russ & Scott, with Alexandria and Ioannis. Would you like to attend?…/dralexandriarosa…

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Self Nurturing Day 3

Day 3 Self Nurturing-In this episode, I give leaders tips on being the best or most impactful they can be. We all go through times in our lives when we feel like we’re not our best selves. There are …

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Global Caregiver Summit

Upcoming event- Global Caregivers

We are coming back!!! If you missed us the first time around get your tickets now!! Caregivers make a difference with such a huge impact, we are where the heart  is, come join us July 9th, 2022!!! Click on the link …

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Self Nurturing Day 2

SPICE Day 2 SELF NURTURING- Today I talk about being proactive, also setting your boundaries, and how it’s not selfish to self-nourish as a healthcare professional or leader. I also touch on the basics that you can start within …

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Self Nurturing Series Day 1

Familia, This is the 1st episode of my SPICE Self Nurturing series series is aimed at #healthcare#professionals who feels like they are suffering from burnout, or is feeling overwhelmed with the responsibilities of their job or personal life. It …

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Can A Plant-Based Diet Help Diabetes??

Familia, I’m on the mend and I wanted to share this video I did with my good friend for today’s Daily Dose of SPICE. I invite you to like and sub for more SPICE and don’t forgetFor A Balanced …

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Testimonial Tuesdays

Testimonial Tuesdays- featuring Nancy Debra Barrows M.S. CCC-SLP, she is one of the TOP 50 MOST IMPACTFUL PEOPLE OF LINKEDIN | Chief Engagement Officer @ Voice Your Vibe | Founder Chief Excitement Officer @ THE Chick With The Toolbelt. Thank you …

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You need SPICE Time +Energy in your life.

Familia, all this week you’ll learn ways to make the space in your crazy busy life for your health. No more excuses, nope, not gonna happen with me. You need SPICE Time +Energy in your life. You’re feeling the stress, …

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Serious Leaders Need To Seriously Take Care of Their Health

You’re feeling the stress, you see it everytime you look in the mirror. But, what you don’t see is the internal havoc it’s causing inside you. All your busyness, and compassion, and empathy for others but not for yourself is taking it’s toll. It literally is slowing killing you.

What Leaders Should Really Be Afraid Of

You’re a leader…you show up, you care, you worry, you make decisions, people count on you, you want to be the best…but what if you couldn’t do it anymore?? Watch today’s video to hear my story or Listen here

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