over 40? You’re losing collagen

Collagen, the most abundant protein in our bodies, serves a multitude of essential functions. It provides our skin with a youthful glow, maintains a healthy gut, supports joint health, aids in cartilage formation, and promotes lean muscle mass. Picture collagen …

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Alcohol, fatty liver, habits, and your health

That glass of wine or gin everyday after work is a habit. You might not think it’s a big deal, but in reality it is. And if you have fatty liver with elevated cholesterol levels Your liver is already not …

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A fuckin’ alphabet after your name…

They fall, they get sick, they cry, they cut the tip of their finger off with a pair of scissors (my daughter), and on and on…especially those little boys…you never know what that next scream might be from, right? We …

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What’s the point?

It don’t mean shit The degrees. The certs. The awards. The alphabet after your name… If you’re too sick to do anything with it. You know who to call… I’m Dr. Alex Rosa Boutique Telemedicine Private Healthcare Health Consultancy

Intermittent fasting is metabolic exercise

Intermittent fasting is literally a form of metabolic exercise. Say what?!? Improve your insulin sensitivity and strengthen your fat adaptation. It takes time. Repetition. Discipline. Before you see results. So remember- it took time to get to where you are …

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it’s time for a new story

SEX LIFE. FAT LOSS. BALANCING HORMONES. Over 40? Listen, it’s time for a new story… Like, share, become a client.

sex. Hormones. Fat loss.

Say YES to YOU!! Over 40 is where it’s at!! It’s never too late…now’s YOUR time!! In your health and your business. Without your health…what business do you have? Balance Hormones Lose Fat Sex life on 🔥💦 Let’s go!! Like, …

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Brown and tattooed

Welcome my guest Angel Guerra-Chagolla MA, WCCA, SIP. She is a Change Agent and Risk Maven, focusing on Education-Advocacy-Empowerment-Connection for Business Professionals and amplifying the voices of women across the US through: Events, Coaching, Consulting and Digital Publication. Watch here …

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Women’s health and hormones

Women’s health and hormones Set your reminder and Bring your questions!!! Welcome my guest, Dr. Laurena White. She is the host of the Women’s Health, Wisdom, and… WINE! Podcast and Managing Director at The Eudaimonia Center In Your Business with …

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Look out for this

LOOK  out for this!! All those zoom calls Have you noticed discoloration Skin tags You’ve been exfoliating like crazy and NOTHING works That’s because it’s a sign Your body is talking to you #insulinresistance #metabolicsyndrome #type2diabetes Are you listening?

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