Dry Vagina??

In this video I talk about 5 common causes of vaginal dryness


you are not big boned

Shoving your rolls and fupa into Spanx, shape wear, or waist trainers? This is so much better!! And you literally will be saving your life and changing your body from the inside out by doing this!! It’s intermittent fasting, and …

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high volume foods

High volume eating for weight loss

What is high volume eating, how can you use it for weight loss, and is it the right strategy for you when it comes to eating less calories…I cover all this and more in this video

A one year commitment

A one year commitment I made a one year commitment to work with a coach. One whole year!! To my surprise these goodies arrived in the mail from my coach Linda Hayles – a welcome gift. A year ago I …

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protein and diabetes

Type 2 diabetic or wanting to lower your blood sugar level naturally- Animal based protein vs plant based protein…which is better? You can watch the video here on my FB page Like this content? Follow me for more on …

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Collagen and your vagina

Ladies, did you know another reason why I highly recommend adding collagen to your diet is to keep the skin down there stretchy, soft, tight, and healthy- it’s skin just like the rest of our body!! And just like the …

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I am ONE of the 100+ Latinos Cleveland Must Know

I am ONE of the 100+ Latinos Cleveland Must Know this year and I am proud to share it with all of you!! This platform, started in 2020 as a dream for increased Latino visibility and recognition, has become THE …

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LinkedIn Live Appearance

I’m attending The Experience Live with Russ & Scott, with Alexandria and Ioannis. Would you like to attend?…/dralexandriarosa…

alex in her scrubs face mask face shield

Self Nurturing Day 3

Day 3 Self Nurturing-In this episode, I give leaders tips on being the best or most impactful they can be. We all go through times in our lives when we feel like we’re not our best selves. There are …

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