Alcohol, fatty liver, habits, and your health

That glass of wine or gin everyday after work is a habit.

You might not think it’s a big deal, but in reality it is.

And if you have fatty liver with elevated cholesterol levels

Your liver is already not functioning how it should be, so it’s an even bigger deal.

Your liver is a huge organ, responsible for so many important functions in your body, especially your blood pressure.

Keeping it in optimal health can reverse, prevent, and improve so many conditions and symptoms you may be experiencing.

Here’s what you can do (listed in no particular order)

1.If you have high cholesterol then fiber is your friend. Get it in your diet any way you can.

2. Find out why alcohol is your habit.

3. Cut back and eliminate alcohol to allow your liver to recover and heal.

4. Support your liver health with detoxifying foods and supplementation- orally and through IV hydration therapy.

5. Monitor your liver function through labs and diagnostics every 6 months.

6. Decide if you want occasional alcohol as a part of your lifestyle.

7. Continue supportive and therapeutic measures for multi-organ support like oral supplementation and IV hydration.

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Health and Love,

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