A fuckin’ alphabet after your name…

They fall, they get sick, they cry, they cut the tip of their finger off with a pair of scissors (my daughter), and on and on…especially those little boys…you never know what that next scream might be from, right?

We as moms don’t hesitate to get the care our kids need as soon as possible- medicine, lab work, xrays, the best doctors, the best everything.

But when it comes to you, as a woman, as a mom-

Are you exhibiting the same care and concern for YOUR health and well-being??

It’s time to get real and ask yourself-

When it comes to my kids and their health- I don’t think twice, so why I am second guessing mine?

So what’s holding you back?

For many of us we have 0 clue what this looks like, sounds like, or is.

And more so we’ve never been taught that we NEED this to survive, to function, to prosper in this world in our many many roles and for our legacy.

It’s YOUR time.

And maybe you’ve already been feeling that way- that it’s your time now…the kids are older, career on lock, a fuckin’ alphabet after your name, awards all over the place…it’s YOUR turn now to focus on you…because you’ve been so busy caring for everyone and everything else.

If this is you I’d love to have a conversation about your health goals, challenges, needs, desires..and what a bespoke wellness experience could look like for you when you work with me as your doctor.


Dr. Alex Rosa

Boutique Telemedicine

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