A SPICEY Recap of this week

This week I -was accepted into the NEA Comerica Entrepeneur Bootcamp and Certification Cohort 2 that starts 1/31 -appeared on The ADHD Melly Podcast and Livestream to talk about Thriving in school with ADHD. -Livestream recording with Mark K about …

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alex journaling

The Super Power of A Self-Nurture Routine

Self-nurturing is always important in our lives, but it’s particularly significant during this ongoing pandemic. And one of the best ways to keep this priority in focus is to establish a self-nurture routine. This is an awesome practice to get started if you are in one of the caring professionals such as education, healthcare, or social work.  Self-nurturing is as much a way of being as it is something we do.

montage of Alex's family

A Day in the Life of a Grad School Mom

Does this sound familiar- you get home from work or class, you can hear the screaming through the door before you open it. DO I really want to go in? Maybe I should wait in my car a few more …

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