A Day in the Life of a Grad School Mom

Does this sound familiar- you get home from work or class, you can hear the screaming through the door before you open it.

DO I really want to go in?

Maybe I should wait in my car a few more minutes?

You turn the key and enter- not surprisingly you see an over flowing kitchen sink, trash that needs to be emptied, no dinner hot and steaming on the stove waiting for you. A naked toddler comes flying toward you trying to impale you with his pretend sword, another kid is chasing him yelling about how he broke his video game, and another kid laying on the couch amidst a mess of toys and food wrappers watching TV seemingly oblivious to the chaos around them.

You’ve been through this what seems like a hundred times, you’ve screamed, you’ve yelled, you’ve made charts, left notes…but nothing ever lasts and you’re tired of it, just sick of it. There’s dinner to make, laundry to do, dishes, baths, and a 6 page paper you put off until the last minute- but the only thing you can think of is plopping down on the couch and imagining it wasn’t this way every time you got home.

I’ve been there, I’ve lived it…and I’ve learned there is a better way.

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