A one year commitment

A one year commitment

I made a one year commitment to work with a coach.

One whole year!!

To my surprise these goodies arrived in the mail from my coach Linda Hayles – a welcome gift.

A year ago I never would have imagined I’d say yes to work with someone for a whole year or invest over $25k for mentorship. Seriously, like that was unimaginable to me, who does that? I didn’t know ANYONE who had done something big like that.

I never would have believed that it would have been possible for me to have a business that made enough money to MAKE an investment Iike that because that would require so much from me- in every way.

And real talk- at that time my offerings,

my sales process,

my belief in who I was as a woman,

my belief that I was worthy of asking for people to say YES to work with me, that I was good enough…

-were not aligned with the goal of having a prosperous business.

I wasn’t fully committed to changing who I was to reach the results I wanted to reach.

I was so busy being busy.


Self sabotaging.

Trying a little of this and that.

Not fully committed.


But when an opportunity arises

When a mentor appears

It’s time to step up

To fully commit

To make it happen no matter what

There’s no “right” time- there’s never a right or perfect time- there’s only knowing what you want, taking action when an opportunity arises, and to be highly committed to yourself and the process to achieve what you want.

I don’t ask my clients to do things that I don’t do myself.

I said YES to investing in myself

I made a commitment to myself

I NEVER doubt myself or let indecision to stop me from saying YES to opportunities that will help me reach my goals.

I take action, I don’t sit in indecision or self doubt- and you can ask Linda Hayles all about how I take action like no other.

I’m so EXCITED for what the next year holds for me, my business, and the impact it will have on people’s health- so they can in turn impact their communities and families while igniting the prosperity of their businesses and organzations.


What will your 2023 be?

Health and Love,

Dr. Alex 🥂💚✨️

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