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To some, I seem a little crazy.  Here I am, a doctorally prepared nurse, and clinical professor, raising three children, happily in a relationship with my high school sweetheart, opening my practice during the pandemic. 

What possessed me to take on this…now?  A heartfelt calling to help others avoid following the same path I did and to totally change how healthcare is done.

Here is the back story:

My career in healthcare and education spans over 2 decades and I was working as a nurse educator and at the bedside in various ICU’s as a travel nurse while I finished my doctoral degree in nursing.

During those 20 years, I have also had three children, maintained a healthy, supportive marriage with my high school sweetheart, and served as my dad’s primary caregiver before he died suddenly due to complications from heart disease and diabetes.

Alexandria Rosa, DNP, RN
Boutique Telemedicine, Intermittent Fasting, Metabolic Health

So, imagine, there I was, with two little ones, a third child on the way, attending school full-time, coping with the stress and sorrow of my father’s illness and death,  AND trying to keep myself and my family sane and on schedule.

Most of us hit our breaking point before being able to make changes.

For me, it was the birth of my third child. I was experiencing severe heart failure, and if I wanted to stick around to see my kids grow up, I had to face that I was:

  • 70 pounds overweight
  • Taking multiple medications
  • Fighting depression and anxiety every day 
  • On my way to developing diabetes like the rest of my family tree
  • Capable of breaking through all the stereotypes and limitations that my Latin culture and religious upbringing had placed in my brain.

So I began to shift my perspective and my life. I developed so many processes and strategic systems over the years. I won’t say it was super easy. I had so much to learn, and a multitude of mental barriers to break through—but, here I stand. I’ve moved through to the other side where life is pretty wonderful and endlessly exciting.

I know how to get the results I am looking for, can achieve balance, stay healthy and strong, and fully enjoy my life, my family, and my clients.

Life is never perfect, but it can be pretty free of stress and anxiety—even for those of us with busy schedules, demanding roles, and big impacts to make.  More productive and meaningful.  It can energize and inspire, fill your heart with love and joy, and make you happy to wake up every day. 

Dr. Alex sitting in a green chair with a yellow dress, black high heels, red lipstick, dark hair, furry white carpet, smiling.
Dr. Alex Rosa

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