You need SPICE Time +Energy in your life.


Familia, all this week you’ll learn ways to make the space in your crazy busy life for your health. No more excuses, nope, not gonna happen with me. You need SPICE Time +Energy in your life.🔥

You’re feeling the stress, you see it everytime you look in the mirror. But, what you don’t see is the internal havoc it’s causing inside you. All your busyness, and compassion, and empathy for others but not for yourself is taking its toll.

It literally is slowly killing you. So what’s a leader to do??

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Stay tuned because all of May you’ll learn healthy holistic tips and strategies through Brain Body Balance with the P of SPICE, focusing on your Physical health.

Knowing isn’t enough though, you can google the answer to any health question…what you’ll find here is the HOW…how can you create the space, find the time, and make things a habit with your busy busy life in a healthy and sustainable way.

So, let’s SPICE up your Brain Body Balance and I’m prescribing you today’s Daily Dose- stat!! Hit the bell to get notified every time I go live and join us Monday-Friday for your Daily Dose of SPICE 10a EST/ 9a CST/7a PST/ 8a MT and restreamed at 9p EST/8p CST/6p PST/7p MT , where we inject a little positivity into your day, every day.

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