Collagen and your vagina

Ladies, did you know another reason why I highly recommend adding collagen to your diet is to keep the skin down 👇 there stretchy, soft, tight, and healthy- it’s skin just like the rest of our body!!

And just like the rest of our body it’s affected by changes in hormones and age.

If the skin gets weak and thin- then it’s at risk for injury, cuts, infections, pain, and dryness.

So keep your cooch healthy and happy, firm it up, tighten it up, add some stretch and flexibility to that skin by adding collagen to your diet, it can make such a difference for you.

I’ve got a new series coming out called Sex, Menopause, and the Kitchen- if you’re curious to learn more…or have questions that need answers then send me a message, I’ll be sure to alert you when it’s ready so you don’t miss it.

Health and Love,

Dr. Alex 💚✨️

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