3 Ways I Broke Up with My Stress and Anxiety

Alex Rosa sitting at her computer in nature with her nursing school books

By Alexandria Rosa RN

As soon as you get up, do you feel anxious, overwhelmed, stressed out?

Do you feel your heart racing?

Is that your normal? Is that how you feel when you first get up?

And I’m not even talking about in the morning because not everybody wakes up in the morning. We have some late morning risers, we have some late afternoon risers. I know when I worked nights for many years I did not wake up until four o’clock in the afternoon. I do remember vividly however, feeling as soon as I woke up my heart racing. I was dreading the day, anxious, and I had just woken up!! Nothing had even happened yet.

If this is you then you’re in the right place

I’m going to share with you a couple of things that you can try that can really get rid of the stress, get rid of the overwhelm and the anxiety for you and really set you up to have a better day- better than you are having now. Just doing at least one of these things will have a positive impact on your emotional health.

  1. As soon as you get up, no matter what time it is, do not check your phone, no social media, no email. Instead, I want you to go find a quiet place, and I want you to do some journaling, either do gratitude journaling, do a brain dump, but just get things out on paper, out of your head. You can even set intentions for the day where you can write a couple powerful words and phrases.
  2. Listen to something empowering, uplifting. It can be music, it can be a YouTube video, it could be a Ted talk. If you’re religious, it could be some scriptures, or sermons. Even learning about something new will do. Simply listening to something uplifting will put you in a positive mindset.
  3. Be proactive instead of reactive. What that might look like for you is looking at your planner, looking at your calendar and saying, what do I have going on today? Don’t let things be a surprise to you. Keep track of what is going on. I utilize time blocking to stay on top off this. By looking at your day and having things set out and knowing what is going to happen will put you in a better place than not knowing what is going on.

Try at least one of these things and I know for sure that it will make a positive difference in your emotional health, I know it did for mine.

And don’t forget, for a balanced life, just add SPICE.


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