This program has provided me with more personalized individualized attention than any other weight loss program I have tried in the past.

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Spring of 2021, I lost my father-in-law to heart disease and diabetes. I had lost weight in 2019 but gained it all back during COVID lockdown. I wanted to lose weight and get healthy again. I had tried many different weight loss programs, but none of them worked. I knew what worked for me, tracking what I ate and exercising, but neither was part of my routine anymore.

One day shortly after the death of my father-in-law, a post from Alex appeared on my Facebook. I had been following her weight loss journey for a while. She posted about working moms trying to juggle everything on their plate and how to fit healthy habits into their busy day. Although I do not have children, I too am a busy working woman trying to organize time for everything I have to do each day. So I reached out to her.

I began working with Alex in June 2021 with her SPICE Body Program. This program has provided me with more personalized individualized attention than any other weight loss program I have tried in the past. I have tried many programs! Besides developing weight loss habits, Alex has worked with me to think about why I am choosing the choices I make each day. She provided me with consistent check-ins to make sure I was on track.

In the beginning, we established new routines for my life, including diet and exercise. Her program provides personalized sessions that include eating habits (including recipe ideas), simple exercise habits, time management, emotional tips, and goal setting (short and long term).

She was even there to support me during a vacation I had in the summer. Prior to the vacation, we talked about what I thought was going to be most challenging. Together we came up with strategies to tackle these challenges. She checked in with me during my vacation to make sure I was using the strategies that we had come up with together. I did not gain or lose weight on vacation, but my goal was to be active and to maintain weight.

Currently, I am down 13 pounds and a total of 7 inches total. I have been working out at least 4 days a week. I still have some weight to lose to hit my weight goal, but without Alex, I would still be making the same old wrong choices that I was stuck making every day. In addition to the weight loss, I have noticed a significant drop in my resting heart rate.

Before I started her program, my resting heart rate averaged 66 BPM. It is currently averaging 58 BPM. It has been a wonderful experience working with Alex and her SPICE Body Program. She has helped me to establish new routines in my daily life to help me with the goals that I created for myself. With Alex’s program, you are active in the process. It is not just someone telling you what to do. This provided me with ownership of my journey. Together you work on your goals and she helps keep you on track and provides materials and strategies to meet your individualized goals.

Kristal Fletcher

Special Education Teacher


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