A one year commitment

A one year commitment I made a one year commitment to work with a coach. One whole year!! To my surprise these goodies arrived in the mail from my coach Linda Hayles – a welcome gift. A year ago I …

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Testimonial Tuesdays

Testimonial Tuesdays- featuring Nancy Debra Barrows M.S. CCC-SLP, she is one of the TOP 50 MOST IMPACTFUL PEOPLE OF LINKEDIN | Chief Engagement Officer @ Voice Your Vibe | Founder Chief Excitement Officer @ THE Chick With The Toolbelt. Thank you …

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a man raising his glasses in disbelief in front of his laptop screen

What can make you healthier, open doors, increase flexibility, make you more likable and relevant?

A riddle for you all…What can make you healthier, open doors, increase flexibility, make you more likable and relevant? Answer-Watch the video to find out and please like and sub for more SPICE or Listen here–open-doors–increase-flexibility–make-you-more-likable-and-relevant-e1fopdq Looking for …

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Nurse Alex in her uniform at clinical

LinkedIn Tips for Nurses

In this video, I share 2 tips to make your LinkedIn profile stand out and get noticed. Let’s SPICE up those profiles, it’s what the C in SPICE stands for-Career!! But wait, there’s more!!! If you’d like to join the …

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A SPICEY Recap of this week

This week I -was accepted into the NEA Comerica Entrepeneur Bootcamp and Certification Cohort 2 that starts 1/31 -appeared on The ADHD Melly Podcast and Livestream to talk about Thriving in school with ADHD. -Livestream recording with Mark K about …

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Get Your Daily Dose of SPICE- Day 2 SELF NURTURING Series

Today Alexandria talks about being proactive, also setting your boundaries, and how it’s not selfish to Self-nurture. She also touches on the basics that you can start within your Self Nurturing journey. Self-nurturing is important because it will help you …

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