LinkedIn Profiles Get Noticed When You Do This

For new grads, seasoned professionals seeking a new position, or as you near graduation, I’d highly suggest creating a LinkedIn profile for yourself or freshening your current one up.

LinkedIn is a fantastic way to search for jobs and make important connections in a professional way.

cell phone with social media apps
cell phone with social media apps

I also wanted to share some info about LinkedIn profiles that will get you noticed that you may not know about.

If you use your mobile phone, go to your profile and you can add a voice pronunciation of your name, but don’t stop there!!! Leave a CTA in your voice message like …if you’re listening to this send me a DM…it really helps you to stand out.

Also, add a video cover story, so click on your profile pic and you can create a video cover story. This allows you to send a personal message with a call to action, same as the voice message.

Try this today and let me know how it works!!!

I’d also love to connect on LinkedIn with everyone if you have a profile there

…and again, if you don’t have one yet, you really should make it a priority and STAND OUT in your unique, special, SPICEY way.

Have a special tip that you’d like to share?? Leave a comment!!

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